Infinity 2 Device

Original price was: 1,200,000₫.Current price is: 899,000₫.

Includes: 1 Device + 1 Type-C Cable + 1 User Manual
Compatible Pods: RELX Pod Pro; RELX Pod

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RELX Infinity 2

RELX Infinity 2 is an electronic cigarette product of RELX company, the world’s leading brand with compact, luxurious and extremely reliable closed pod vape devices.

RELX Infinity 2 was launched as an extremely valuable upgrade compared to the previous RELX Infinity Plus version, this smoking cessation pod brings many new features and notable improvements to the user experience.

The RELX Infinity 2 pre-filled vape pen has an ultra-light, high-quality aluminum metal body that is very sturdy and is used in aircraft manufacturing, with a modern and luxurious design, creating a trendy feel. when holding and using in hand. The product is compatible with the RELX Pod Pro replacement head with coils and e-liquid already prepared by the manufacturer. Users do not need to worry or worry about replacing OCC coil accessories or refilling vape juice. , extremely convenient.

The most valuable update in RELX Infinity V2 is that users can easily adjust the output burning power with the adjustment button placed in an extremely ergonomic position, providing the most comfortable usage experience. under all conditions.

  • Boost Mode: 8W burning capacity, the advantage is the richest flavor, the amount of smoke (steam) produced is 15% more, the disadvantage is that the battery runs out quickly.
  • Smooth Mode: 6.5W burning capacity is also the standard output burning power of electronic smoking cessation machines RELX Infinity, RELX Artisan, RELX Essential… bringing an extremely familiar feeling and flavor of the brand. RELX brand.
  • Eco Mode: 5.5W burning capacity, the advantage is that it saves the most battery, can absorb 65% more vapor than Boost Mode, the disadvantage is that the essential oil flavor is quite light.

Infinity 2 Device specifications:

Weight: 19g

– Leak-proof design: Leak-resistance Maze

– Smart function: SmartPace vibration warning

– Smart LED battery indicator light

– Battery capacity: 440 mAH

– Compatible pods: Relx Pro, Bold Infinite

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