Step 1: We have the device and the pod.

Step 2: Remove the rubber cap and attach the pod to the device.

Step 3: Take 1 light breath to feel then smoke normally

Need to change the pod?

Pull out the used pod,
Replace the new pod into the device.


RELX Vietnam Q&A

When the light flashes, you should charge the device immediately.
RELX has 20-minute fast charging technology.

There is no power button because RELX have an automatic sensor technology. Once you attach the pod to the device, it’s ready to vape.

The amount of smoking depends on the individual consumption. After you have pinned the RELX POD to the device you must use it up within 1 week to avoid leaking.

An essential e-juices that includes ingredients: nicotine salt, flavor, alcohol. Our ingredients are sourced to meet the quality and safety standards used in the production of e-cigarettes.